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Canoe and Kayak rentals for outdoor adventure


Exceeding Your Expectations

Casual Explorers has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our clients.

Whether you are renting canoes or kayaks from us, or joining us on an adventure, we strive to give everyone the personal service and attention they deserve.

When you rent a canoe or kayak from us, we provide the canoe or kayak, the personal floatation devices, the paddles, and some basic instructions to get you on the water and enjoying the beautiful views of Virginia.

We are a mobile business, so no "brick and mortar" shop... what we do is travel to different locations each weekend and rent directly from there. These locations will be posted on our schedule here on the webpage, and also on our Facebook page. What this does is give you the opportunity to visit and explore different places, without having to lug a bunch of gear with you. Just show up, rent a kayak or canoe, and spend some quality time on the water.

We currently have 12 kayaks, 5 sit on top style, 2 sit inside style, and 5 youth sized sit on top. We also have a tandem sit on top kayak, and a few canoes for those that want to paddle with their bestest buddy, significant other, or anyone they choose. If you have a large group, or would like to book a private event, please send us a message and we will see how we can accommidate you.






"Some things are best seen from the water..."

   Which is exactly what we do-we explore the waters in a casual setting... in canoes, or kayaks. Our mobile business makes it easy to see the wonderful scenery on many different bodies of water. Whether its a creek, a river, a pond or lake, they all have beautiful sites to share when you get outdoors in Virginia.  

There is an abundance of wildlife to see along tidal creeks, and rivers to include numerous species of birds such as Great Blue Herons and Bald eagles; which are both federally protected, to possibly seeing a pod of dolphins or rays - depending on where we are when you visit.


   Our beautiful waterways are not only rich in wildlife, they are also rich in history. Powahatan Creek for instance, was a part of the Powhatan Indian Confederacy. It was used by the Powhatan as a transportation route and for survival. A very well known Powhatan used this very creek for fishing and canoeing... she is known as Pocahontas.

   The creek also passes several landmarks from Colonial America to include Jamestown Island, and Mainland Farm-which is the oldest continully cultivated farm in America, just to name a couple.


April - October

Fri: 5:30pm - 8pm
Sat: 8am - 4pm  *all boats to be returned by 5:30pm
Sun: 8am - 4pm *all boats to be returned by 5:30pm

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